ImageWelcome to Untidy Bliss! Contrary to what my husband may think, I know that I’m not perfect. Though it’s a difficult concept for me to grasp, I’m coming to terms with it. I’m definitely my biggest critic and I’m always striving to do well and improve, but the fact remains that I never will be even close to perfect. I still make mistakes on a daily basis – some of them small, some of them big.


Does this mean I can’t be happy or find bliss among all of the untidiness? Absolutely not! Perfect does not equal happy. And as I meet new people, make new friends and grow closer to current friends, I’ve been realizing that this is something many people – especially women – struggle with. How can I be happy if I’m not perfect, if I don’t look perfect, if I don’t have the perfect husband, perfect kids, the biggest house on the block, the cleanest and least cluttered house, a Land Rover, the newest and prettiest Coach purse, or the best accessories?


In adjusting from working mom to Stay at Home Mom, I started feeling uninspired, kind of dumb and really fat. I started looking more at what I was lacking and not focusing on ALL that I have.


I’m learning that utter joy – bliss – really is a matter of perspective. It’s about being happy with what and who you have. In our cluttered homes, maybe our XXL shirts, in our sometimes-messy relationships, with children who might have learning disabilities, with our old Ford Broncos, in our small apartments – we can be HAPPY, supremely HAPPY!


I’m choosing now to focus on my Untidy Bliss! I still struggle with this decision at times, but I’m learning and trying. Let’s embrace it, though, and embrace each other. Instead of judging one another, let’s support and encourage each other in our quest to learn, grow and just be sincerely happy.


Thank you so much for reading! I’m looking forward to having you join me in this journey. My hope is that you find this blog encouraging, empowering, interesting, inspiring, well rounded, personal, and educational.


If ever you have a suggestion, please feel free to comment or e-mail untidybliss@gmail.com.


Thanks again!



Your friend,


Untidy Bliss



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